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“The old lady is a cautious and shrewd person, she, she will naturally be against you, and be somewhat defensive against you.” The woman gasped.
“This voice is a bit like Qiu cheap baseball jerseys from china!” Chu Yi guessed.
“My good Qiu Chan, from now on, the old lady will have any troubles, but you must inform me in time. When I take the position, I will let my aunt mate you to me. At that time, you will be the hostess, no more Don’t look at other people’s winks.”
Qiu Chan said coquettishly: “My cheap baseball jerseys from china man. In Chu Mansion, you must be calm. If you have a wife to support you, you will succeed sooner or later. Ah”
“You’re right. Little can’t bear it, it’s a big plan. But I can’t help it now.” Han Qingya suddenly hugged her waist.
Qiu Chan hurriedly pushed him away with an “Ah” cry. Then, squat down
After a while, Qiu Chan got up to tidy up her clothes, wiped the corners of her mouth, pressed her face to his chest, and said tenderly: “Master, do you want to remember what you said tonight?”
Han Qingya squeezed her chin, and said tenderly: “cheap baseball jerseys from china can have today, thanks to her sister’s help, how can I be that ungrateful person. If my sister doesn’t believe it, the emperor is on top, if Han Qingya fails my sister, I won’t”
Before she finished speaking, Qiu Chan sealed Han Qingya’s mouth with her hand, and said softly: “I believe you. I have been out for a long time, so I have to go back quickly to prevent the old lady from being suspicious.”
“Okay. Sister, be careful on the way!”
Han Qingya kissed her on the cheek and watched her leave. His tender eyes gradually became cold, and he secretly said, “I want to fly on a branch and become a phoenix. Dreaming.”
When he hit Han Qingya’s adultery with Qiu Chan, Chu Yi suddenly lost his appetite.
So, turned back.
He didn’t expect that Han Qingya’s methods were so despicable that he would be so pretty as Qiu Chan to inquire about the old lady’s news.
Fortunately, he didn’t say anything important to the old lady, otherwise they would fall into the ears of Wei Shi and Han Qingya.
Think about it, Chu Yi felt scared for a while.
Originally, he wanted to cross over, be a young cheap baseball jerseys from china, and live comfortably. I don’t know, this Chu Mansion is intriguing, concealing dirt, and concealing cold arrows.
If one is not careful, where his lame man will die, even if the old lady knows it afterwards, it won’t help.
Chu Yi’s mood became heavy.
Because, a very real problem lies in front of him.
In Chu Mansion, although there is an old lady guarding it. But when he left Chu Mansion, Ling Yan and Tong Ming followed.
As for Ling Yan and Tong Ming, he only believes in Ling Yan at present.
Therefore, if Zhen and Wei are torn apart, when life and death are facing each other, he has no backing.
At that time, let Ling Yan rush to the forefront, and this man hiding behind him, he can’t do this kind of thing, and will never let this kind of thing happen to him.
At the moment, he can only bear it down. Even if he suffers the insult from Han Xin’s crotch, he has to bear it carefully.
In the process of enduring, we must wait for the opportunity and create the opportunity at the same time.
Chu Yi thought about Han Qingya’s adultery with Qiu Chan, and put the matter aside for the time being. The key is that he didn’t want the old lady to be irritated by knowing such nasty things, and cheap baseball jerseys from china her body, it was not worth it.

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Han Qingya walked in quickly, knelt down and said, “Qingya, I have seen the old lady.”
Then he looked at Wei Shi: “I have seen my cheap basketball jerseys from china.”
The old lady looked at him a few times and smiled: “Your aunt just recommended you to be the steward of the Chu family. Would you like it?”
When Han Qingya heard this, he was overjoyed, but on his face he was flattered and said: “Qingya is only inexperienced, and he has not been with Uncle Liu for long. Qingya is worried that he will not be able to be a housekeeper.”
Wei Shi was slightly displeased: “This person is born to be incapable of doing things, and he is not learning by doing. Now that the old lady likes you very much, you can give me a quasi-trust. Are you willing to take on this important task?”
“Qingya is sincere and frightened. But Qingya is willing to take on the heavy responsibility, do his best and make every effort, and die.”
Han Qingya banged his head three cheap basketball jerseys from china.
The old lady said indifferently: “All you have to do is to bow down, and you can avoid it after you die. Alright, you can get up.”
“Ms. Xie cultivated.”
The old lady took a sip of ginseng tea and cheap basketball jerseys from china: “However, you don’t care about the accountant for the time being, I will arrange Yi’er to take care of it. In the future, your brothers will take care of everything in the house.”
Hearing this, Han Qingya’s heart slammed, but the expression on his face remained unchanged, and he bowed and said, “Qingya will definitely not let down the old lady and aunt’s high expectations.”
The old lady nodded and said: “Okay. Go down.”
Han Qingya bowed and exited the room, his face darkened, and cursed in his heart: “Oh, you old thing, you want that lame man to suppress me, there is no door. Hmph, I want to see, how long can you protect him? ”
In a blink of an eye, the night is deep.
Chu Yi woke up from that mysterious cheap basketball jerseys from china, and his whole person suddenly became much lighter. Looking at the bruises on his body, he disappeared without a trace, and his skin recovered as before.
“What kind of technique is this, so amazing? It’s even more powerful than Korean cosmetic surgery!”
Chu Yi got up and got out of bed, took a few sips of tea, and suddenly heard the groaning in his stomach.
“Stop calling, I can’t eat the whole thing for you.”
In desperation, Chu Yi decided to sneak into the kitchen to get something to eat.
In order to prevent people from seeing his whereabouts, Chu Yi was extremely cautious, not taking the main road, but taking the small road.
When passing a rockery in the back garden, Chu Yi vaguely heard the woman groaning.
“When did my hearing become so good?” Chu secretly wondered in his heart.
Listening carefully, the voice is absolutely familiar, and he secretly surprised: “Isn’t it! Playing field? I can run into such exciting things. Sure enough, big families love to mess with men and women.”
Chu Yi couldn’t help being curious in his heart, and decided to find out, to see which Wang Ba Lao was sowing indiscriminately?
However, God is not beautiful. The clouds in the sky are thick, and the moonlight is thin, making it unclear.
However, tonight’s hearing was surprisingly good, and a man’s wheezing sounded in her ears: “The old lady is too shrewd to let me take care of my affairs but not the accountant. Obviously, she doesn’t trust cheap basketball jerseys from china.”
This voice is too familiar.
It was Han Qingya who was a dog.

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After speaking, Han Qingya got up and left with the soup bowl.
When he walked to the door, Han cheap authentic soccer jerseys from china stopped and turned to look at Chu Yi who was lying on the bed. Seeing his suffering appearance, his heart was particularly refreshed.
“Bah! The cat cries and the mouse fakes mercy.” Tong Ming said angrily.
Chu Yi said, “In the past few days, you can ask Wang Catchhead to inquire about the situation and see what you can ask.”
“Master, you have to rest first, and I’ll inquire now.”
At this time, there was no one in the house, and Chu Yi opened the quilt, stood up quickly, walked to the table, poured a cup of tea, and took a few sips.
What made him strange was that after waking up, the pain in his body not only disappeared, but there was no discomfort at all, and there were bruises on his skin.
It really doesn’t make cheap authentic soccer jerseys from china.
Chu Yi wanted to break his head and didn’t figure out what was going on. Simply went to bed and sat up cross-legged, and began to meditate and vomit.
No way, this is something that foolish Chu Yi must do every day.
Now, instead of giving up this good habit, Chu Yi felt that it was of great benefit and accepted it happily. Because, every time he is upset, meditating makes his mind stop like water and calm like a cheap authentic soccer jerseys from china.
Then, you can enter a certain mysterious realm.
That kind of feeling can only be unspeakable, and even the joy of men and women is incomparable.
The old lady’s residence.
Wei Shi cautiously said: “Mother, I have sent someone to urge Master Song again so that they can arrest the mob as soon as possible. Don’t worry, it’s not worth it if you are anxious.”
The old lady’s eyes were cold, and she coldly shouted: “I’m not in a hurry? I’m not in a hurry, are there still people in the Da Chu Mansion who are in a hurry?”
Wei stubbornly said: “Mother, Yi’er was beaten, and I am an aunt, too. But this Luochuan city is so big and it is late at night to commit crimes. It is really difficult for the government to handle it. Besides, Yi’er secretly Going out of the house and returning late at night, I don’t know where to go. If the master knows this, he won’t break his leg.”
“Asshole. His legs are lame, how can I break his legs!” The old lady was completely angry.
Wei Shi hurriedly explained: “Mother, I didn’t mean that.”
“Enough. I don’t want to listen anymore.” The old lady looked tired.
Wei Shi wants to leave, and seems to have something to say.
“What else?” the old lady said solemnly.
Wei Shi deliberately said: “Mother, butler Liu is ill cheap authentic soccer jerseys from china ready to return to his hometown. If he leaves, this butler seat will be vacant.”
The old lady pondered for a moment, and exclaimed: “When a person is old, Ye Luo will return to his roots after all. If you ask someone to prepare something, it can be regarded as the reward of the Chu family for his hard work over the years.”
Wei Shi said with an “um” and said, “Yes, mother. However, as soon as cheap authentic soccer jerseys from china Liu leaves, this steward seat will be vacated. If it remains vacant, it will not be a problem. Please mother as soon as possible to determine the personal choice.”
The old lady looked at her twice and asked, “In your opinion, who is the most suitable housekeeper?”
Wei’s heart trembled. He glanced at the old lady, quickly lowered his head, and said in a low voice: “I see that in the past two years, Qing Ya has been busy with Liu Guanjia, and has also learned a lot. Now that he has passed the weak crown. It’s also time to put a burden on him.”
The old lady groaned: “Qingya is a good child. Not to mention, let him exercise more. You call Qingya over.”
Wei was overjoyed, and immediately sent someone to call Han cheap authentic soccer jerseys from china over.

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What good luck, this Ling Yan became his personal maid. I heard from my aunt that she is the daughter of Ling Hao, the lord of Phoenix Valley. ”
Young Master Qi frowned and cheap nhl jerseys china authentic, “Phoenix Valley?”
Han Qingya said solemnly: “It is said that this Phoenix Valley is isolated from the world and specializes in refining pills. It seems that the clear dew jade condensing pill came from Phoenix Valley.”
“Clear Lu Yu Ning Dan!” Master Qi said in shock.
Han Qingya wondered: “Is this pill very powerful?”
Young Master Qi said excitedly: “cheap nhl jerseys china authentic pill is hard to find. Unexpectedly, it was made by Phoenix Valley.”
“From today, you will inform me of any news related to Phoenix Valley as soon as possible. I will mark you a great achievement in front of the Lord.” Qi Gongzi said in a loud voice.
Han Qingya was pleasantly surprised: “Thank you Master Qi.”
After a cup of tea, Master Qi left first.
Han Qingya finished his cup of tea with a smug smile on his face, and then checked out and left.
In the early morning of the next day, Chu Yi opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and found that he was lying on the bed.
“Master, you are awake. You scared me to death. Fortunately, you are all right.” Tong Ming said with a look of concern.
Chu Yi touched his cheek, and said anxiously: “Look at it quickly, is your face hurt?”
Tong Ming complained: “Master, at this time, you still care about your face. The old lady is going crazy over there.”
“What happened to grandma?”
Tong Ming hurriedly told him about the situation.
After the old lady learned that Chu Yi had been beaten, she became very angry, and immediately sent the governor Song Jiangming to the residence, asking him to be arrested as soon as possible, otherwise he would wait for Lord Hou to come back and let him explain.
Song Jiangming’s face was pale with fright, and immediately after returning to the mansion, he ordered the arrest to search the whole city.
After listening to Tong Ming’s retelling, cheap nhl jerseys china authentic Yi’s heart suddenly filled with warmth. Unexpectedly, in another world, he could still have the selfless care given to him by his grandmother.
“Then what did you say?” Chu Yi asked.
Tong Ming smiled triumphantly: “Master, don’t worry, I will say what should be said, not a word of what should not be said.”
Chu Yi nodded and said, “You are still smart.”
Tong Ming couldn’t understand it, and asked, “Master, did you say that the four people deliberately targeted us? Logically, we didn’t find anyone to provoke anyone.”
Chu Yi sneered and said, “You don’t want trouble, you have trouble looking for you. This matter, I won’t just let it go.”
At this moment, Han Qingya came over with a bowl of bird’s nest, and said with concern: “Cousin, this is the bird’s nest that my wife asked me to send. You can eat it quickly to make up for your body.”
Chu Yi stretched out his hand to catch it, and said politely: “I have a cousin.”
During the meeting, Han Qingya was very happy when he saw that his arm was covered with bruises. It’s a pity that those people are still too light to start, otherwise it’s best to kill them directly.
Han Qingya said angrily: “Cousin, don’t cheap nhl jerseys china authentic, the old lady has already told Master Song. I expect that the mob will be arrested and brought to justice in a few days.”
Chu Yi took a sip, with a painful expression on his face, as if it were difficult to swallow, he handed the soup bowl to Han Qingya and said, “Excuse me, cousin. This will cause pain all over, I want to sleep again.”
Han Qingya knew that he was issuing a guest order, but he didn’t want to stay here too much.
“Then you have a good rest, and I will see you another cheap nhl jerseys china authentic.”

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The leader laughed and said, “It’s great to be rich. I’m hitting rich people like you. Brothers, let’s do it.”
“Hey! Don’t slap your cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale”
Chu Yi held his head in both hands, letting the four punch and kick.
In the darkness, a dark shadow was staring at Chu Yi’s every move, and said in secret: “Is that a lame man?
After a stick of incense, the black figure left quietly after confirming that it was cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale.
“Brother, if you continue to fight, this lame man will die. If he is killed, it will not be easy to explain.” One of them whispered.
“Dead lame, it’s cheaper for you this time. Brothers, let’s go drink wine.”
Chu Yi curled up, pain in his ribs on both sides, making him unable to move.
After a while, Chu Yi eased his breath, and then spit out a mouthful of blood, making his chest feel a little more comfortable.
At this moment, Chu Yi was lying on the ground, unable to move his body, but his mind was very clear.
Right now, he can do two things. One is to wait for someone to come, and the other is to review the game.
To recap, this is what he must do when doing cross-border cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale and acquisitions in this world, and it has become his subconscious mind. And what he is best at using in replays is the four rules of “Murphy’s Law”:
One is that nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface;
Second, everything will take longer than you expected;
The third is that things that can go wrong will always go wrong;
Fourth, if you are worried about a certain situation, it is more likely to happen.
With regard to tonight’s matter, Chu He believed that his luck hadn’t been back to that point yet. Therefore, this matter is definitely not that simple. In addition, even if this matter is investigated by the government, there should be no results.
Therefore, this event must not be accidental, and it is not a small probability event.
And the small probability corresponds to the high probability, then this thing is done deliberately.
So, what do the people behind the scenes want?
Needless to mention money and beauty.
But besides these, what is the most valuable in him?
Chu Yi was lost in thought.
After thinking about it, the only possibility is his cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale. More specifically, are his legs really lame or false?
Thinking of this, Chu Yi knew clearly.
“You bird people, can’t you let me enjoy a good life?”
A small teahouse in the east of the city.
In the dim light, two young men were sitting. One of them was Han Qingya, and the other was the blue-clad boy that Chu Yi met in Biyufang.
“For enterprising young talents, the Lord has always appreciated it. I have specifically asked me to convey to you that if you do things well, you will be able to make progress.” The blue-clothed son said with an air of cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale.
“Prince Qi, don’t worry. I will do everything I can, and I won’t disappoint the Lord’s expectations.” Han Qingya looked excited. .
Young Master Qi nodded in satisfaction, and then asked, “I heard that there is a woman next to Chu Yi called Ling Yan?”
Han Qingya sneered: “I don’t know that the fool hit

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Good wine and delicacies are accompanied by beauties.
As the saying goes, the red cheap autographed jerseys from china in the study add fragrance, and the rivers and lakes lean against the red cuddle. Which man of true temperament does not envy.
Chu Yi enjoyed eating and playing, playing until late at night, and then left Biyufang.
Tong Ming pushed Chu Yi, worrying: “Master, if we go back so late, the old lady will definitely blame it. Then, don’t say that I took you there.”
Chu Yi hiccuped and said with a smile: “Look at your bear-like appearance. It’s really worthless. It’s not easy. You just say that I understand the people’s sentiments and don’t want to be forced to cheap autographed jerseys from china for dinner by hospitable people. That’s why I’m full of alcohol , Come home late.”
In this world, it is most normal to take big customers to do high-end healthcare. However, here, Fenghuaxueyue is more flavorful. Although the beauty in the arms has some incomplete flowers and loses the willow, but the victory is natural and slightly talented. There are many people who calligraphy and paint in piano, chess, and calligraphy. This is many times stronger than the artificial beauties that are now transformed.
This is life!
Tong Ming worshipped: “Master, you are too cheap autographed jerseys from china.”
As soon as the voice fell, four figures rushed out of the streets and alleys. Without saying anything, resisting Tong Ming, he lifted his wheelchair and ran towards the alley.
Tong Ming was shocked and lost his voice: “What are you doing? Let go of me!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he was knocked on the back of the neck by one of them, and he fainted suddenly.
Chu Yi calmed his mind and asked, “Song Ping sent you?”
The leader sneered and said, “It won’t bother you. Brothers, beat this lame man to death.”
Chu Yi groaned secretly in his heart, thinking about how such encounters would happen if Ling Yan was by his side.
Just when he was about to get up and run away instinctively, he suddenly thought of a possibility. Immediately, the slightly raised butt sat back.
With a “clang”, the wheelchair led the person over and fell to the cheap autographed jerseys from china. Chu Yi fell to the ground all of a sudden, his lips were torn, blood flowed out.
“Brothers, you can discuss something!” Chu Yi shouted reluctantly.
The leader sneered and said: “Discuss, how to discuss?”
Chu Yi got up, sat on the ground, wiped the blood from his lips, and said in a deep voice: “A few big brothers have also seen it. I am a useless person, pinching me to death like an ant. However, I have cheap autographed jerseys from china. You make a price. , I will give you as much as you want, as long as a few big brothers are merciful.”