Safety Eric Waddell returns to Rams

On Wednesday, US time, the Rams officially announced that safety Eric Weddle will return from retirement to join the team’s training lineup.

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The Rams’ original defensive core Jordan Fuller (Jordan Fuller) injured his ankle in the game against the San Francisco 49ers and required surgery and was confirmed for the season. There were two other injuries in the second-tier lineup: safety Taylor Rapp (concussion) and cornerback Darious Williams (shoulder). Continue reading “Safety Eric Waddell returns to Rams”

Steelers coach Tomlin promised to make changes

After a big loss to the Cincinnati Tigers, the Steelers coach nike nfl jerseys Tomlin promised to make the team change.

“We cannot continue to do things the same as before. We hope to get different results. We will make some system changes and may also make personnel changes. It will not be too drastic and relatively mild, but we hope it will be an important change. Aspect is important.” Continue reading “Steelers coach Tomlin promised to make changes”