Pirates and defensive tackle Vita Via renews contract for 4 years

On Saturday, US time, according to multiple media reports, the pirates and defensive tackle Vita Vea (Vita Vea) renewed their contract for four years, with a contract salary of approximately $73 million, of which $42 million was a guarantee. Via’s contract will now last until the end of the 2026 season.

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As the No. 12 pick in the first round of 2018, Via has grown into one of the league’s best spikes. He has contributed a strong force to the middle of the defensive front line, which is also one of the reasons why the Pirates have always been in the leading position in the anti-run. Statistics show that in the past two seasons, Via’s opponents have averaged 3.6 rushing yards when on the court and 4.2 yards when off the court.

General Manager Jason Licht (Jason Licht) said: “Via is a rare player who is excellent in running defense and rushing passes. He is one of the main reasons why we have always been among the best in running defense. We look forward to making Via in the future. Continue to serve as the core defensive role and witness his continued growth as a sharp forward.”

Via played 49 games for the Pirates in the four years of his career, starting 44 of them, completing 104 tackles, 11.5 sacks, 31 collisions with quarterbacks, 6 destructive passes, and one drop.

Seahawks wide receiver Taylor Lockett is activated to the big list

On Thursday, US time, the Seahawks officially announced that it would activate wide receiver Tyler Lockett from the new crown reserve list.

Lockett was added to the new crown reserve list with the remaining 10 players on Thursday after testing positive, so he missed Tuesday’s 20-10 loss to the Rams. He is the second player to activate the Seahawks, the former being running back Alex Collins (Alex Collins).

In the absence of Lockett, the Seahawks’ offensive performance was sluggish, advancing only 214 yards overall. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) only succeeded in 11 pass attempts with more than 10 yards in the air.

Coach Pete Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: “It’s sad that Taylor didn’t play in this game. If he plays, it will definitely have a big impact.”